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Tiny Walkers' Kids Drawing Mate for Children!

Tiny Walkers' Kids Drawing Mate for Children!

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Learn how to draw, write and learn with Tiny Walkers' Kids Drawing Mate for children! 

Engage in a world of creativity with two dynamic playing modes, designed to captivate your child's attention for hours on end whilst learning recognition of patterns, numbers and alphabets!

(1) Step-by-Step Drawing: Each stroke is accompanied by delightful verbal narration (Proper English Pronunciation) and instructions, transforming the art of drawing into a spellbinding journey of alphabet and counting mastery!

(2) Story-Telling: Embark on an adventure where imagination meets education! Watch as Tiny Walkers' Drawing Mate brings stories to life through drawing, while tackling simple mathematical questions for an added dash of learning excitement throughout the process!

What's Included Within the Package:

(i) Tiny Walkers' Kids Drawing Mate 

(ii) 24 Picture Cards – an abundance of drawing inspiration awaits!

(iii) 10 Number Cards – for Question Answering!

(iv) 26 Letter Cards (From A to Z) – for Spelling activities!

(v) 4 Story-Telling Cards – captivating narratives with intermittent Q&A sessions to spark curiosity!

(vi) 4 Activity Books – fostering skill development through interactive play!

(vii) USB Cables 

(viii) 2 Pens – Do note that you can use any pen as long as the diameter is less than 9.0mm.

(ix) Instruction Booklet

Unleash the artist within and embark on an educational voyage filled with wonder and delight. Remember, with Tiny Walkers' Kids Drawing Mate, creativity knows no bounds!

Learning Outcomes: -

  1. Alphabet Recognition
  2. Pattern Recognition
  3. Number Recognition
  4. Addition Skills (Numbers)
  5. Spelling
  6. Drawing Skills
  7. Listening Skills 
  8. Pen Holding Skills
  9. Vocabulary Expansion

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 105*105*153mm

Item Weight: 516g

Colors: Green

Charging Time: 2-2.5 hours (Fully Charged)

Working Time: 5.5 hours without stop

Ports & Connectors: Micro USB cable (Plug is not included)

Battery: Built-in 2500mah rechargeable lithium battery

Speaker: Built-in high-quality speaker

Material: External enclosure made form harmless PET plastic Non-skid silicone base

Certificates: CE, FCC, CPSIA, ASTM, CA65, ISTA, UL, RoHS

Recommended Age: 3-8 years



1. What will the Tiny Walkers' Drawing Mate do? 

It will teach kids drawing, spelling words, and counting. It will show, instruct, speak and explain every step of the way on how to finish each picture. 

2. Will my child learn drawing with this robot? 

Tiny Walkers' Drawing Mate will show and narrate (speak) for every stroke step by step, which is easier for kids to follow and learn. Once done, press the "next" button then it will continue drawing the next step to allow them time to mirror the stroke.

3. Can this drawing robot create your own image and have it draw it? 

No. The Tiny Walkers' Drawing Mate can only recognize the content of the card provided.

4. Can I use my marker? 

Yes, as long as the diameter of the marker will fit in the holder (max 9mm).

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